The true reason for love is the simplest one: ” Because it is he; because it is I” ;

The spontaneous attraction of two characters for each other; the intense and abiding personal element that is as the earth to the plant, that by which it stands firm.

But friendship is of the earth, earthy, unless it lifts itself into the light and grows and blossoms ever higher, bearing the fruit of years of noble and tender experience in common.

It cannot be lasting or good while it lasts if its chief strength lies in the employment of the senses. If to see, hear, or feel our friends in the literal meaning of these words is necessary in order to keep our affection alive, it is of small value.

Friendship worthy of the name is supersensuous; it is capable of penetrating distance and silence to ” coincide io rest” with an absent friend. It sees, hears, and feels without the need of bodily organs, for it lives in a higher atmosphere than that of the body and can command finer forces.

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