It is difficult to tell what best evidences friendship. Love is the solvent of all things; it holds in solution, as it were, every possi bility of devotion, tenderness, helpfulness ; some event occurs and the possibility is precipitated into an act, a word, a silence.

A slight thing may convey more meaning than a much greater thing. It is not quantity so much as quality that is precious.

Deeds, however great, are not the stuff of which friendship is made, any more than food is the stuff out of which genius is made: all can eat, few can be geniuses or friends. But we can not be either unless, when occasion demands, the food and deeds are ready.

Yet if we fail even at the crucial moment, friendship should trust us, if we repent, beyond that failure. Where is there a greater instance of supreme confidence in a friend than Christ gave to Peter when, after Peter had denied him thrice, he gave him the opportunity to obliterate these denials by calling forth thrice the reassurance of his love and, moreover, taught him how to prove it ?

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