Truth is like fire and we should use it to make our relationships better and stronger. There is a reason why I am telling this. As we grow older, we tend to have more of an igo issues with the friends around us.

Be it careers choices, be it How much you are earning, there always will be some or other type of discussion with you being the center of focus.

Sometimes, it gets out of hand.

They think they know everything about you. They start judging you based on the decisions you made in the past .

They plan tours without your concern and gets hurt when you say no to their plan.

If you like what they are doing with you, it’s is totally fine.

But as grown ups, sometimes we feel that we can’t stand with their opinions.

And if you take no steps about putting them in their place, you’ll end up feeling lonely and you’ll end up breaking the relationship with them.

So, tell them the truth. Tell them how you feel about their word of advice. If they are matured enough, they will understand.

But tell them today!

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