Basically, every heartful friend is awesome by default. If you think you are an awesome friend, here are a few tips which make you even more awesome in your friend’s opinion.

First of all, respect your friend’s career choice and food habits.

Yep! Career choice and food habits.

They hold the key.

Because once you grow up, you don’t find time to call or meet your best friends that often.

The only time you plan on meeting them is for having lunch or dinner. Probably in some emergency situations.

And the common topic that comes over the dinner is the relationships you had in the past or the career choices.

Nobody gets hurt when talking about relationships. It’s actually fun.

But a grown up cannot handle if you mock their career choice. There could be many reasons behind a career choice. You just don’t know it. So, you could end up hurting them badly if you foul-mouth.

It is not at all bad to express your opinion, but just don’t be rude. You can’t just force your opinions on them, right?

Number Two: Food Habits

As time passes, most people change their food habits. Some convert to vegan. Some start eating non-veg.

And we have to give them enough freedom to eat what they like.

We can’t just force your food habits on them!

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